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All Web Health is a free service for all of California, providing completely anonymous web-based health insurance quotes to those in need of current rates and applications.

Our technology facilitates faster searches of California health care companies, their most current rates, and we're ESPECIALLY proud of our on line health insurance applications for when the time comes, making this as easy as possible for you - with no pushy salespeople.

And since All Web Health Insurance is not owned by the insurance carriers, this site provides objective information to help you make well informed, and more dependable decisions about your health care coverage, along with ways to save money without giving up too much coverage.

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Sometimes you just need a "quick contact" to answer a brief question or two. Hey, no problem! That's what we're here for.

Health Insurance coverage can be very confusing with so many terms like HSA, PPO, HMO, co-payment, deductible, out of pocket maximum, in-network and out of network coverage. How do they all work together?

And what really is the difference between a co-pay and a deductible? Don't feel bad. This questions comes up all the time.

If you're feeling lost in the alphabet soup of health insurance, then please call and let us help translate.

Otherwise, shop here at your leisure, and when ready you can even apply directly online from here by selecting the plan you like and clicking "Apply."